Rosetta Stone French review.

About Rosetta Stone French.

Rosetta Stone software is available for studying more than 20 languages and French is one of them. It can be said that Rosetta Stone is probably one of the most commonly discussed programs for learning foreign languages. You can find plenty of feedback online from both users of Rosetta Stone French and reviews websites. This can be quite helpful when trying to decide whether it is suitable studying program for you or not.

It can be said that Rosetta Stone offers quite unique approach to learning new languages, which is often referred as immersion method. What makes it different is the fact that there are no translations or explanations in English while using this program. This software works by showing you pictures of different situations and then you have to associate them with French words or phrases. The main idea of this approach is to surround a learner with words, images and native speakers within the context of different topics. By immersing users of this program into a new language through immersion, they are learning it naturally (the same way they did as a children). This learning method is appealing to most learners because it doesn’t require learners to memorize complicated grammar rules or huge lists of vocabulary.

What Courses are Available?

For French in particular, Rosetta Stone offers a total of five levels to study this foreign language. This is the most that this program offers for any language, so new French learners can advance quite a lot. If we would convert 5 parts of Rosetta Stone into studying time, it would be equal to about 250 hours. Learners who are interested in Rosetta Stone for studying French, should also keep in mind that this learning program is available as online course and standard software. These versions have separate prices and some differences in studying features, so before choosing one of them it might be worthwhile to do some research.

In case you have limited time for studying French, online version of Rosetta Stone might be more suitable for your learning style. Mobile apps in this version will allow you access studying material & features in this program whenever you are and also via different devices (smartphone, tablet and etc.). Furthermore Rosetta Stone online offers some additional studying features for French learners – games & e-tutoring. Both of them can be helpful for practicing French or getting support when you come across some difficulties when studying. The pricing of online version of this course comes in a form of subscription (6 month, 1 year and etc.). So it means that you will need to pay for this program for as long as you will use it to study French.

rosetta-stone-french-softwareWhile there are fewer studying features available in Rosetta Stone software (download), some French learners prefers it more. Some benefits of this version are that it requires only one time payment (possible to use for lifetime). Also the software can be installed on multiple computers (up to 2) and used by different family members (up to 5). So learners who intend to study French for longer time or together with other people, might find this version as a more cost efficient choice. One possible downside of this software is that it gives access to online features (games & e-tutoring) only for up to 3 months. So in case you will want to continue using them for longer, you will need spend additional money. Keeping in mind all pros & cons of version, it can be said that it can be preferred by French learners who either don’t have access to internet all the time or simply want to use Rosetta Stone for longer period of time.

One great feature of Rosetta Stone is that this software can help to learn all parts of French. Different activities within this program will help to improve your skills in speaking, reading, listening as well as writing. Even though Rosetta Stone has some workouts for teaching grammar, they don’t provide explanations. Due to this they are not so helpful in learning French grammar and supplementary learning material might be needed in this area to learn it properly. The other benefit of Rosetta Stone is that users of this program are able to select what particular workouts they want to do at the time. Since workouts in this software are grouped based on the area of French they cover, you will be able concentrate on parts of this foreign language that are the most essential for you.


Vocabulary and phrases that are thought in this course include topics like greetings, getting and giving directions, shopping, ordering food in restaurants, conversations about yourself, your work and free time. So it can be said that learners who are studying French for traveling purposes can benefit from Rosetta Stone program, since it teaches mostly essential vocabulary. Since Rosetta Stone tends to group its activities based on topics, you will be able to select and do workouts containing vocabulary that is the most important for you. After completing workouts in Rosetta Stone, you will also be able to see how many mistakes you made. Advanced tracking in this software can help to determine your progress with French learning and identify activities that might require more attention. Also whenever you will login to Rosetta Stone, you can be sure that your previous progress was recorded and you can continue studying French where you last left.

Rosetta Stone program includes some useful features for practicing French speaking skills. Speech Recognition is one of these features and its main aim is to encourage learners to speak French out load. Not only this feature is useful for boosting general confidence while speaking, but it also gives feedback on pronunciation. So learners can know instantly if they are pronouncing words correctly or they still need some practice. Furthermore Rosetta Stone provides learners with accompanying audios that can be used to practice French speaking skills while on the move. Also it is important to mention that recordings in Rosetta Stone are done by native French speakers so you can be sure that you are learning correct pronunciation & accent. So if your primary goal is to learn how to speak in French, Rosetta Stone program has some useful features for that.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

When it comes to reviews of Rosetta Stone French, you can find plenty of feedback about this course online. It can be said that this learning program has quite mixed reviews from users. Some learners are happy with this software because it provides workouts to practice all parts of French. Also since Rosetta Stone teaches French through different activities, learning via this program is never too monotonic.

Other users of Rosetta Stone French points out a few downsides of this software too. Since workouts in this program lack explanations, some learners find it difficult to understand more challenging parts of French like grammar, tenses and etc. Also some users mention problems while installing the software and using Speech Recognition feature. Bellow you can find a couple user reviews of Rosetta Stone French course.


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Review of Main Pros and Cons.

Main Pros:

  • There are 5 parts available for French learners, which is the most that Rosetta Stone offers for any language. Due to this beginners can achieve more advanced level with this language and more advanced French learners can skip the first parts and begin with 3-5 levels;
  • It is possible to try a free demo version of Rosetta Stone French at the official page of this software. This can be quite helpful introduction to this course and its teaching method for users who are new to this program;
  • Speech Recognition feature in Rosetta Stone is useful for learners who want to practice their French speaking skills. To improve pronunciation further it is also possible to use accompanying audios that are included together with this course. Recordings in this software are also done by native speakers, so learners can learn proper French accent & pronunciation;
  • Since Rosetta Stone includes workouts that cover speaking, listening, writing & reading; learners can expect to improve all parts of French language by following this program;
  • Rosetta Stone software doesn’t require English language knowledge, therefore it can be used by non-English speakers too. The whole program is quite intuitive to use, so you will not need much guidance;
  • Users of Rosetta Stone online can study French via this course while on the move by using different devices (mobile apps are included). And standard version of this course has accompanying audios so it is possible to learn on the go too;
  • Learning French via this program is never too monotonic, because Rosetta Stone includes different activities & studying features. This is not only beneficial for overall learning efficiency, but it also makes learning a more engaging and fun experience;
  • Activities & workouts in Rosetta Stone are grouped based on different topics and the area of French they cover. This gives learners the possibility to choose what they want to study and skip parts that are not so important for them;
  • Advanced tracking in this software makes it easy for users to follow their progress. Learners can easily see what mistakes they made, which in turn helps to identify what particular workouts might need more revision. Also each time you will login to this program, you will be able to continue your French studying where you left last;
  • Rosetta Stone includes new studying material in further lessons and does quite a lot of repetition in general, so it is possible to keep retention rate high when learning via this program;
  • This software provides learners with some social studying features – e-tutoring and games with other French learners. This can be quite helpful in case you need support when studying or it can also make the whole learning experience more engaging;
  • Rosetta Stone introduces mostly essential French vocabulary, so you will not need to waste time learning unnecessary words & phrases;
  • Learners can try this French course for up to 30 days, since Rosetta Stone is backed up by money back guarantee;

Main Cons:

  • It can be said that Rosetta Stone is quite expensive program for learning French. Although the price of standard software (download) is quite reasonable (249.99 USD for 5 levels), online version requires subscription type of payments. So if you intend to use this program for longer than 1 year time, it will result in multiple payments;
  • In case you will choose download version of Rosetta Stone, you will only be able to use online features (games & e-tutoring) for up to 3 months time for free;
  • While Rosetta Stone introduces mostly useful French vocabulary, it is not the quickest way to learn survival phrases for traveling fast. Learning through immersion method takes time, so it can take a while until you will be able to form sentences & phrases from separate French words;
  • Rosetta Stone uses the same templates and pictures for all languages. Also in this program you will not find any information on culture. This can be seen as a downside by learners who want to know more about French culture and people who speaks this language;
  • Lack of English explanations and translations in this software might often cause confusion & guessing, especially for people who do not have previous French learning experience;
  • Rosetta Stone teaching approach isn’t very helpful for understanding & learning French grammar, therefore you will definitely need some additional studying resources;

Summary of a Review.

Although Rosetta Stone has some drawbacks, it is still a great software for learning French. There are different studying features included like games, e-tutoring, different workouts that make learning less monotonic and more effective. Speech Recognition feature in this software is also very helpful for practicing French pronunciation. There are accompanying audios included too that can be be helpful for improving French speaking skills while on the move. Also at the moment there are 5 parts of this program available for French, so learners can advance quite a lot in this foreign language. So if you are looking for these benefits in language learning program, it is definitely worthwhile to consider Rosetta Stone for studying French.

Due to lack of explanations and immersion type of learning, I would not recommend Rosetta Stone as the only tool for learning French. Since this software teaches through complete immersion, learners are expected to learn through pictures and examples. While this can work well for learning vocabulary, it might be more difficult to understand grammar and other parts of French. So in order to learn effectively via this program, you either need to have previous learning experience or simply use Rosetta Stone in combination with books on grammar and tenses. Without that you will need to guess a lot, which might result in ineffective overall studying.

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Where to buy Rosetta Stone French Courses?

In case you will decide that this program is the right studying tool for you to learn French, you can buy it on a few different websites. This includes official page of Rosetta Stone, retail sites like eBay, Amazon and etc.

If you will choose to buy standard version of Rosetta Stone (software), you can buy each level separately, levels 1-3 or levels 1-5 in a bundle. When it comes to pricing, the most efficient offer is to buy all five levels at once, which costs about $249.99 on Amazon. The first level of Rosetta Stone French is priced at ~$124, so it’s not very cost efficient to buy separate levels of this software.rosetta-stone-french-online

In case you are interested in an online version of this program, you can purchase subscription of this program on official page or Amazon. There are options to choose 6 month, 12 month, 2 years subscriptions. At the moment it is possible to buy subscription for 128.88 USD on Amazon. This package will allow you to choose any language from Rosetta Stone and use it for one year (1 user). There are also options to choose longer subscriptions or for more users; however they are priced higher too.

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