8 Reasons to Learn French.

Learning a new language is always a good idea no matter if it would be French or any other foreign language. Knowing more than one language can make your career more successful, enhance your brains’ performance, enable you communicate easier when traveling, help you find more friends and more. If you still haven’t decided what language to study, bellow you can find a list of reasons why French is important and why it is worthwhile learning it.

1. Statistics About French.

french-language-statisticsBased on statistics, French has a total of 270 million speakers, which makes it the 6th most spoken language around the world. For large majority of these speakers it is a secondary language (about 190 million) and for the rest – native. These numbers above are a good indication that French is quite commonly being learned as a secondary foreign language and also that it is not too difficult to learn. The same statistics also suggest that after English, French is the most commonly chosen language for studying. If these numbers alone would be not good enough reason to learn French, it is also an official or one of the official languages of almost 30 nations. This includes countries like Luxemburg, Canada, Belgium, Haiti, Madagascar, Monaco, Switzerland, Niger, Benin and many more. So it can be said that French is spoken and being understood in 5 different continents of the world. The projections for French language statistics are also quite positive in the future. It is expected that the number of speakers will increase quite a lot in the future due to growing population number in sub-Saharan Africa where French is one of the main languages.

2. Widens Your Career Opportunities.

The benefits of knowing more than one language are quite often associated with better career opportunities. Quite a lot of people lose their job only because they don’t speak foreign languages. And statistically, people who are able to communicate in more than one language are able to make more money. If you have just finished studies and don’t have sufficient experience in your field, knowing French can greatly bolster your resume and improve your chances of getting a job. Learning French can be specifically beneficial for people who are interested in fashion and want to follow a career in this field. Quite a lot of companies and brands including Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior are French based so knowing this language can be advantageous when seeking for a job in one of these companies. In addition to that French can be beneficial for people who are seeking career in science. Switzerland, France and Canada rank among top countries that have the highest impact on science and they are all Francophone.

3. Easier to Learn Other Foreign Languages.

French was derived from Latin, which means that it is classified as Romance language. Since French has a lot of similarities with other Romance languages including Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian and Italian it will be easier to learn them once you know French. On the contrary learning other foreign languages from this category becomes easier too.

4. Many Resources for Learning French.

french-language-studying-resourcesAs it was already mentioned previously, learners choose to study French as a second language the most (after English). Due to large number of people interested in learning this foreign language there is of course a large demand for studying material to learn it. As a result there is also a large supply of courses, books, language schools that are aimed at teaching this foreign language. So if you will decide to study French you will definitely have a large choice between different methods and ways of studying.

5. French is Easy to Learn.

While at the beginning French might seem quite difficult to learn, it is actually quite the opposite. This is especially true for learners those first language is English. Due to the fact that English is a Romance language, it shares a lot of similarities with French. In fact quite a lot of English words originate from French so it is quite easy to learn new vocabulary because you will probably know the meaning of many words already. Based on FSI ranking (The Foreign Service Institute) French is classified as one of the easiest languages to study for English speakers. The same ranking also suggest that it takes up to 600 hours of studying to achieve S3 and R3 level in French (Speaking and Reading).

6. Gives an Access to a New Culture.

France is known for its varied and rich culture, cooking, architecture, fashion and arts. By learning this foreign language you would be able to understand various works of French literature, listen to songs, watch films without any subtitles and more.

7. Official Language of Many International Organizations.

Not only French have many speakers in various countries but it is also an official language of many international organizations. This includes EU, NATO, United Nations, UNESCO, International Red Cross and others. So if you are planning to have your career in any of these mentioned international organizations, knowing French can give you an advantage when seeking employment.

8. Popular Destinations for Traveling.

traveling-to-FranceAbout 80 million people visit France each year, which makes it among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. So if you like to travel it is highly likely that one day you will visit Paris or one of France regions. Knowing at least the most essential French phrases can make your travel much easier and richer too. You would be able to communicate with local people better, learn more about their culture & traditions. It is also worthwhile to mention that France is not the only country where you can use this language for communicational purposes. French has quite a lot of speakers in countries like Monaco, Africa, Seychelles, Canada and etc. so you would definitely benefit from speaking this foreign language.

While in this article I was I able to list 8 reasons for learning French, they are mostly statistical or economical. Learning French can be also due to many personal reasons so there is definitely more of them.