Pimsleur French review.

About Pimsleur French Method.

Pimsleur is a well-known course that is teaching people how to speak in foreign languages for more than fifty years. You have probably seen an ad from Pimsleur that says you can learn a new language in 10 days. While it might seem like unrealistic claim, you can definitely start speaking some basic French within this time if you will follow Pimsleur lessons.

Since this  course offers question and answer format audios you will be encouraged to speak French from the day one. Instructor of these lesson will ask to say different French sentences from the studying material that you have already completed and then you will be given some time to come up with an answer.

In the beginning of each lesson you will also hear a dialogue that will cover some daily situation. After hearing the full conversation, it will be divided into smaller parts and each part repeated a couple of times. This ensures that French learners are able to follow each lesson easier and recall studying material.

While Pimsleur teaching approach might seem like monotonic for some French learners, it is well tested and proven to work for many people especially if you are an audible learner. Although if you are a visual learner Pimsleur is not the best option for you and you should rather consider alternative French courses.

What is Included in the Course?

pimsleur-french-unlimitedThere are a total of 5 phases of Pimsleur available for French studying. Most languages usually have 1-3 levels, but since French is one of the most popular second languages to learn there are more lessons available. This is a great advantage because by completing only one or two levels of Pimsleur it would be still quite difficult to communicate with a native speaker. Each of the levels contains 30 lessons that are half an hour long. Therefore there are a total of 75 hours of recorded material in all 5 parts.

The vocabulary and phrases in this course include topics like how to order food, hotel, how to deal with money, ask for directions and etc. Therefore it can be said that Pimsleur audios can be very useful if you are planning a trip to France or any other French speaking country.

The fact that Pimsleur is an audio based course also means that all learning material in this French course can be transferred to your MP3 player. So you will be able to learn while driving your car, in the gym and etc. and will not need to spend additional time near your computer. App is also available for free so you will be access studying content in Pimsleur while on the go and learn conveniently via any iOS or Android device.

For French language in particular Pimsleur also offers Unlimited version. The main difference between standard Pimsleur course and this version is that it includes additional multimedia for studying French – flashcards and games. It is definitely worthwhile to consider this version of Pimsleur for visual French learners; however Unlimited version is more expensive.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

It can be said that user reviews of Pimsleur French course that can be found online are mostly positive. Some of the most commonly mentioned benefits of this course are that Pimsleur is very convenient French course to study on the go,  it teaches correct pronunciation, the phase of this course is not too fast and each each lesson builds on what was learned previously.

Some quite frequently mentioned downsides of these French lessons are that reading part is not that much useful and the price of each level is quite high. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Pimsleur French lessons from Amazon site below.


If you want to read more reviews of Pimsleur French, visit Amazon page here.

The Main Advantages and Disadvantages.


  • Pimsleur offers free trial French lesson so you can try this course and its method simply by registering at official Pimsleur website;
  • There are 5 levels of Pimsleur available for French, which is the most that this course offers for any foreign language. Also learners who need more visual features and studying material can choose Unlimited version of Pimsleur;
  • With Pimsleur lessons you can learn French while on the move, since all the material can be transferred to your MP3 player or mobile device;
  • It can be said that Pimsleur doesn’t require too much time from learners. The lessons are divided into small parts so that only 30 minutes per day of French learning would be enough to progress with this course;
  • Studying material in Pimsleur audio lessons is easy to follow. Every introduced French sentence is divided into words and words into sounds and then repeated a couple of times so it is possible to keep retention rate high;
  • Since Pimsleur teaches essential French vocabulary it can be a useful course while traveling or on a business trip;
  • Pimsleur audios are interactive so they will constantly prompt you to say different phrases in French. This is very useful because you will need to speak French out load from the first lesson. Also recordings in this course feature native French speakers so you can learn correct pronunciation and accent;


  • Pimsleur lessons are good only for learning how to speak and understand French. If you want to master grammar and other aspects of this language these lessons will not be enough. Even though there is some material included for reading, it doesn’t relate much to audio lessons;
  • Sometimes learning via Pimsleur audios becomes monotonous and also there is not much material included for visual learners (only one game and flashcards in Unlimited version);
  • One quite common complaint about Pimsleur lessons is that they don’t include transcripts of dialogues neither in French nor English. So if you will miss something in the recordings you will have to need to relisten a lesson a couple of times;
  • In each lesson of Pimsleur you will be introduced to only a couple of new French phrases. This means that even after completing the whole level of this course your French vocabulary list will be still quite limited;
  • Pimsleur is quite expensive course for studying French if you would consider studying material and features included ($550 for all 5 levels in MP3 format). Programs like Rocket offers audio lessons in addition to various other tools that are aimed for learning French and it is priced even lower.

Summary of a Review and Special Offers.

To summarize this review it can be said that Pimsleur French lessons deliver what they promise. It is a great course that can help you learn how to speak French with good accent and by only dedicating half an hour of your time per day. Since there are even 5 levels of this course available for French, it possible to advance quite a lot with this foreign language when studying via Pimsleur. Since this course teaches essential French phrases and words from the beginning, Pimsleur can be a great way to learn survival vocabulary for traveling purposes. Also audio based format of this course enables learners to study French on the move, which is a great benefit for busy people.

However Pimsleur has a lot of limitations too and learners should consider them before deciding whether to buy this course or not. Some of the most commonly mentioned downsides of these audios are that they are quite monotonic to listen to, they don’t cover all areas of French language (grammar and writing) and they are quite expensive.

If you are still not sure if this course is the right choice for you, you can register at official website and try a free lesson. This registration is totally free and you will only need to fill a short form with your name and e-mail address at the official website.

Register for a free Pimsleur French lesson.

Where to buy Pimsleur French Lessons?

All of Pimsleur courses (for French language included) can be purchased directly from official page of this course. It is available on a few retail sites as well (Amazon, eBay and etc.); however there are fewer pricing options available there and you might end up buying not the latest version.

When you will visit official Pimsleur site you will soon notice that this course has a lot of different pricing offers. You can buy each level separately or in a bundle. Each level costs $119.95 in MP3 format or $550 for all five parts in MP3, which is a bit cheaper. There is also an option to buy it in units of 5 lessons, which costs $21.95 each.

As it was mentioned earlier, Pimsleur lessons are available in Unlimited version as well. The price of this software is 150 USD per level or you can get a discount when buying all levels in a bundle (575 USD for 5 levels). So with these different offers you can choose a pricing plan that is the most suitable for your budget.

Pimsleur French Coupon Code.

In case you have already decided to buy Pimsleur French audio lessons you can use a coupon code, which will help you to lower the price of this course. By using a coupon code SAVENOW at checkout you will get free shipping and also you will be able to save up to 25% on your purchase.

Visit the official page of Pimsleur French.