Paul Noble French review.

About Paul Noble French.

Paul Noble course is another great way to learn French language for audible learners. This is because material in this course comes in a form of audios and there is not much visual material included. The main goal of these lessons is to teach learners how to communicate in French so after completing this course they would be able to formulate their thoughts and ideas in this language.

You will be able to remember French vocabulary from these lessons quite easily, because this course is structured in a way that would remind you new words from time to time. So with Paul Noble course you will not need to spend time learning huge lists of French vocabulary or repeating the same lessons many times. These lessons don’t require learners to learn difficult grammatical rules either and instead Paul Noble teaches grammar through simple explanations and examples so that you would be able to understand it naturally. The other thing to mention about this course is that it teaches quite useful vocabulary and phrases to get around in a foreign country. So after completing this course you will be able to order food, cafe, room in a hotel and etc.Paul-Noble-course

It is also worthwhile to mention that these audios come together with a booklet. The main aim of this booklet is to reinforce the key vocabulary and concepts used in the audio lessons. By using this booklet you will also be able to improve your reading and writing skills of French language.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

If you would ignore some people’s critique that this course teaching method is very similar to Michel Thomas, it can be said that Paul Noble lessons have very possitive feedback from users.

Learners compliment this course since all French phrases and vocabulary in these audios are pronounced by a native speaker. Furthermore Paul Noble does a great job at explaining structure of this foreign language and the whole course is easy to follow. Also most learners confirm that they are able to recall studying content from these lessons. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Paul Noble French lessons bellow.


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What are the Main Pros and Cons?

The Main Pros:

  • Paul Noble audios are interactive, which means that instructor of this course will encourage you to say different phrases and sentences in French. This is a very useful feature of these lessons since you will be forced to speak your target language from the first day;
  • Instructor of this course quite commonly provides tips and associations on how to remember French vocabulary easier that are very useful;
  • Since all French words and phrases in these audios are pronounced by native speaker you will learn proper pronunciation and this will also help adapt your ears to how this language sounds;
  • It is very convenient to study French via Paul Noble course while on the go since the main studying material comes in a form of audios;
  • In addition to the audios Paul Noble also includes a booklet (~80 pages), which is quite useful if you need a reference guide or you want to learn how to write and read in French too;
  • Vocabulary and phrases that you can learn from these lessons can be very useful while getting around in a foreign country that uses French, so it can be said that Paul Noble course is suitable for travelers;
  • Paul Noble does a great job at boosting learners’ confidence while studying a new language. He does that by showing you that you already know a lot of French vocabulary and also he encourages you to make mistakes;
  • It is easy to remember everything that you learned in these audios since all new French vocabulary and concepts are repeated in further lessons. Also quite commonly Paul Noble provides some associations with English language, which helps to remember everything easier;
  • It can be said that Paul Noble teaching method creates stress free learning environment for learners. What I mean by that is that you will not need to learn complicated French grammar rules, try to remember new vocabulary hard or worry about making mistakes and etc.
  • Instructor of this course does a great job at explaining how to construct different sentences in French so you can understand how this language works;
  • If we would compare prices of different audio based courses it can be said that Paul Noble lessons are one of the cheapest (~$70).

The Main Cons:

  • As with any audio based course it is quite difficult to immerse yourself into French language while listening to these lessons since a lot of English is used for explanations and etc.
  • Due to the fact that Paul Noble offers audio based course with little written material, this course might be not very suitable for visual French learners;
  • Each lesson of this course focuses only on a couple of new phrases or words so even after completing all audios of Paul Noble your French vocabulary and ability to communicate in this language will be still quite limited;
  • When it comes to engagement I would rate Paul Noble lessons probably in the second or third place. For me personally Michel Thomas and Rocket course audios were more enjoyable; however I definitely found them to be more engaging than compared with Pimsleur;
  • Paul Noble introduces grammar concepts only when it is totally necessary so if your goal is to have in-depth understanding of French grammar you will need supplementary material;
  • In case you need to achieve higher level at French, Paul Noble course is not the best choice course for you. This is mainly because there is only one level of this course available for this language, which includes ~13 hours of recorded material (equivalent to Michel Thomas Total). So it might be a better idea to start with a course that has more levels from the beginning;
  • Instructor of this course mentions very little information about French culture, which can be seen as a disadvantage by some learners;

Summary of a Review and Pricing.

To conclude this review it can be said that Paul Noble offers quality and effective lessons for French learners; however this course might be not suitable for everyone. This course can be very beneficial for learners who want to understand French language structure, learn survival vocabulary to get around in French speaking country and improve pronunciation and listening skills.

buy-Paul-Noble-FrenchIn case you need to achieve higher level at French it might be a better idea to consider Michel Thomas course from the beginning (3 levels available and Paul Noble only 1 level). Both of these courses follow quite similar teaching method; however Michel Thomas recordings include beginner students and Paul Noble lessons – a native French speaker. There are positives and negatives to both of these features so it is quite difficult to tell which approach is better. So basically when choosing between these two mentioned courses you should pay the most attention to your budget and level you want to achieve with this language.

If you have already made a decision to buy Paul Noble French you can order this course from Amazon, iTunes, official Collins website and etc. At the moment the price for this course is about $50-$80 on Amazon so it can be said that these lessons are quite reasonably priced.

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