Ouino French review.

About Ouino French.

Since Ouino is still quite new language learning software, it is only available in more popular languages like Spanish, French and Italian. This program is advertised as all in one solution for learning new language fast. This is because Ouino software is combined from 5 different modules that each teaches different aspect of French including pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, verbs and conversational phrases. The list of modules that you can find in this software is as follows:

  1. Vocabulary. As the name of this module suggest the main aim of this section is to teach you new French vocabulary. Each lesson in this module is divided by a topic so you will be able to learn vocabulary that interests you the most.

  2. Ouino-featuresPronunciation. In this module you will be able to learn how to pronounce separate sounds in French language. You will also have the ability to record yourself while saying different French words and then compare it to a native speaker.

  3. Grammar. The main aim of this module is to teach you how to construct sentences from separate French words. Here you will be introduced to prepositions, articles, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and etc. After completing this section you will also learn about French tenses, how to form questions in this language or compare something.

  4. Verbs. Learning French verbs properly is one of the most difficult parts of this language so it is very useful that Ouino dedicates even a separate module for this. In this section you will be introduced to the key French verbs (“to have”, “to be” and etc.) and how they are used in different tenses. In addition to that you will be provided with a list of individual verbs and provided with a lot of examples on how they are used in sentences.

  5. Conversation training. This section of Ouino consists of many dialogues that cover different everyday situations. Buy completing this module you will not only learn a lot of useful expressions, but will also train your ear to spoken French.

You can choose to buy these mentioned modules separately or in combination. It is worthwhile to mention that users of this program can choose what modules they want to do at any given time and can even choose separate lessons in them. So it can be said that Ouino provides learners with a lot of freedom on what they want learn. Each lesson in Ouino begins with a short explanation on grammar rules or introduction to new vocabulary and then examples are given in order to illustrate how they are used in French language. After this you will need to complete a quiz, which will help you to improve your retention and test how well you understood material in the lesson. Your performance in these quizzes is evaluated in points and based on your score you will be given bronze, silver or red ribbon. You can repeat each quiz as many times as you want until you achieve the highest possible score and get a “Red Ribbon”. One great thing about these quizzes is that they are never the same so you will not get bored while trying to achieve 100% points.

What do consumer reviews say?

In general it can be said that Ouino software has very positive reviews from consumers no matter which language you will choose – French, Spanish or Italian. Users compliment this course since it is easily customizable and offers a lot of interactive activities for learning this foreign language. The most common complain about Ouino is that it doesn’t cover material at a deep level and provided exercises & quizzes don’t give sufficient practice to remember what you have learned in each lesson. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Ouino French software bellow.


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What are The Main Strong and Weak Sides?

Strong Sides:

  • You can try this software for free since Ouino offers new French learners to register for trial lessons. This trial will give you access to 12 sample lessons, 3 pronunciation workouts as well as 12 games & quizzes;
  • This software gives its users quite a lot of space to choose what and when they want to learn. You can choose whether you want to learn new vocabulary, verbs, grammar, pronunciation or other aspects of French language;
  • It can be said that Ouino is very customizable software since you can choose pronunciation playback speed, gender of a native speaker, how often you want to be given examples and etc.;
  • This program is quite engaging since it offers different material to study from and also there are some games and quizzes included too;
  • You can learn good pronunciation from Ouino course since recordings are made by native French speakers. This software also has quite useful feature, which allows you to record your pronunciation and then compare it to a native French speaker;
  • Ouino allows French learners to rate how well they understood each lesson by giving it up to 4 stars. This feature is quite useful since you can keep track of your progress better and rate more difficult lessons with fewer stars so you can come back to them later;
  • Quizzes in this program are based on score system so your primary goal is to reach maximum possible points, which in turn will give you a “Red Ribbon“. This kind of feature is great for keeping track of your progress and maintaining motivation to study French further;
  • Considering material and features included this program it can be said that it is quite reasonably priced (price range between $99 and $159);
  • This French learning software is risk free for 60 days since it is backed up by money back guarantee;

Weak Sides:

  • This software is not very suitable for busy French learners, since you can only use it via your computer. It would be very useful if Ouino would include some mobile features or audio CD’s that would allow to study while on the go;
  • Since this software allows a lot of freedom when choosing activities that you want to do, you might end up avoiding more complicated aspects of French language. So it can be said that you need quite a lot of discipline while studying via Ouino software;
  • Even though this software includes new learned concepts and vocabulary in further lessons, some learners might find too little repetition in Ouino program. Due to this you might need to go through the same lessons a couple of times in order to remember everything properly;
  • This program doesn’t offer any social features for French learners. Some competitor courses that are reviewed in this website provide users with ability to chat with other learners, forum, online tutoring and etc. These mentioned features are very useful when you don’t understand something or simply need advice;

Summary of a review.

To conclude this review it can be said that Ouino software has quite a lot of strong and a few weak sides. The uniqueness of this software is that it is easily adjustable so both slower and faster learners can customize it to suit their needs. Also since Ouino allows learners to choose what and when to study, users of this program can concentrate on areas of French (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and etc.) that interest them the most. It is also worthwhile to mention that Ouino includes a couple of features to keep track of your progress. You can rate how well you understood each lesson and also quizzes are based on point system. When it comes to weak sides it can be said that this software doesn’t cover material very deeply and provided quizzes might be not sufficient to remember what you have learned in the lessons. Also Ouino doesn’t offer social features and you can only study via this course while you are near your computer (no CD’s or mobile features). So if these mentioned downsides of Ouino doesn’t seem very important to you it is definitely worthwhile to consider trying this French learning program.

Where to buy Ouino French Courses?

buy-Ouino-French-courseIf you have already decided that Ouino is a suitable program for you to study French from there are a few places where you can buy it. You can find this software on official Ouino website online and Amazon. The price of this software differs depending on the version you will choose to buy. Downloadable version of Ouino is priced at $99 and physical copy of this software is a bit more expensive ($115). It is also possible to purchase separate parts of this course like grammar or vocabulary; however this way the overall price of Ouino would become higher.

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