Michel Thomas French review.

About Michel Thomas French Method.

In case you are looking for well-rated audio lessons that would help you learn French, Michel Thomas course might be a good choice for you. These audio lessons follow quite unique language teaching approach. This approach is based on belief that learners do not necessary need to learn grammar rules or huge lists of vocabulary in order to learn a new language. Based on this method it is very important that learners would be introduced to a new language in very small steps since what you can understand you can also remember.

When compared with Pimsleur audio lessons it can be said that this course is not that monotonic. This is because there are two students who are participating in these recordings. Both of them are complete beginners at French so they are learning this language together with you. It is kind of useful to have these students present because they commonly ask the same questions you might have or you can learn from some of their mistakes.

What Courses Are Available?


Learners who are learning French can choose from a total of 4 different courses offered by Michel Thomas. In case you are still not sure whether these audio lessons are the right studying tool for you, you should consider the first part of this course Start. It includes 2 hours of recorded material so it is enough to test this method and you can get it for as little as $15.

The second part of these audio lessons is called Total and it includes 12 hours of recorded material, visual learning review as well as 2 hours of vocabulary help. You should know that it is not necessary to buy Start version of Michel Thomas since the same material is also included in Total course.

The third part of this course is called Perfect and it should be taken by learners who already completed Total part. You will find 9 hours of recorded material, visual review of the course as well as 3 hours of vocabulary help in this course.

In case you will purchase either Total or Perfect courses of Michel Thomas you should know that there is also a computer program included. This is still quite a new feature of this course and it is definitely useful for learners who want to learn French visually.

What Do Costumer Reviews Say?

If you will spend time searching for consumer reviews of Michel Thomas French audio lessons you will find mostly positive ones. Most users compliments this course since it stresses how to pronounce words correctly, explains key points of a new language in a very logical way and it is quite fun to follow in general.

Despite that there are also a few users of this course that points out that Michel Thomas isn’t a native French speaker so you wouldn’t be learning how to speak with a proper accent. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Michel Thomas French course bellow.


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Review of The Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • These audio lessons sound very realistic and make you feel as if you are participating in an actual French class. This is mainly because there are two students in these audios who are learning this language just like you;
  • New concepts are being introduced in small steps so it is not difficult to follow the course and you will not need to go through the audios many times. Also it is worthwhile to mention that material you learn in one lesson is also repeated in further lessons so that you wouldn’t forget what you have learned;
  • Since Michel Thomas offers to learn a new language mostly via audio lessons you can learn most of the material while on the go. This is very useful for busy people who can’t dedicate much additional time for studying new languages;
  • Instructor of this course quite commonly stresses how to pronounce words and separate sounds in them. This is quite useful if you want to learn how to pronounce in French correctly;
  • In case you are a visual learner you should know that newer version of Michel Thomas French now also includes a computer program. This program includes some exercises that will allow you to practice what you have learned in audio lessons visually;
  • Michel Thomas does a great job at highlighting key points of French language in a very logical way. Due to this it is easy to remember everything that you are learning;

The Main Cons:

  • One of the biggest drawbacks of this course is that there are no native French speakers in these recordings. Due to this you will not learn how to speak French with a good accent;
  • Since this course is mostly audio based you will be able to learn how speak and understand in French. However in case you want to learn proper grammar or how to read and write in French you will need additional material;
  • It is kind of difficult to immerse yourself into target language or improve your listening skills since there is quite a lot of English in these recordings and not so much French. However since explanations provided in Michel Thomas audios are very useful it can be seen as a benefit rather than a drawback;
  • For fast learners these audio lessons might seem a bit too slow. Also you might get annoyed when students in the recordings make mistakes or on the other hand it might be a good motivation booster when you know more then they;
  • As it was mentioned previously this course comes with a computer program, which includes different exercises to practice French language. However it can be said that exercises in this program are quite basic and not very engaging;
  • It can be said that this course is quite expensive since Michel Thomas basically offers audio course and there are not much additional resources included. However it is worthwhile to mention that compared to Pimsleur, which also offers audio lessons, this course is a bit less expensive;

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review it can be said that Michel Thomas audio lessons for learning French can be a great learning tool for audible learners. It is a great course for beginners who want to build French language from scratch. Some benefits of this course are that it is good at stressing proper pronunciation, providing logical explanations that are easy to remember and it is also quite fun course to follow in general so you will not get bored. The other thing to know about these lessons is that they include essential vocabulary for travelers so it is a suitable course for anyone who plans to travel to France.

Despite many benefits of these lessons it is very important to understand limitations of this course too, which can help you determine whether it is the right course for you or not. Some drawbacks of this course are that there are no native speakers in the recordings and it also lacks material in case you want to learn how to read and write in French and also grammar rules.

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Where to buy Michel Thomas French Courses?

buy-Michel-Thomas-Total-lessonsIn case you want to buy Michel Thomas lessons, you can find all parts of this course on websites like Amazon. If you are still not sure about this course it might be a good idea to purchase Start course of Michel Thomas. This is because it is priced at only ~$15 and it includes one lesson (~2 hours) so it is definitely enough to test this course and make sure it is the right studying tool for you. Other parts of this course are a bit more expensive and you can buy them for $90-130 each.

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