Living Language French review.

About Living Language French.

Living Language courses are well rated by user testimonials as well as review websites online and learners can choose from more than ten languages, including French. It can be said that this course teaches a new language by following traditional approach since the main elements of these lessons are textbooks and audios.

Since you are learning a new language through both visual and audio material it is much easier to remember what you have learned in these lessons. The other thing that makes learners to recall material from this course better is the fact that it uses building block approach. This means that you are first introduced to simple words and only later to phrases and complete sentences. Also since Living Language offers different material for studying this will keep you more engaged and you will not get bored so easily.

What Courses Are Offered?

Depending on what level you need to achieve in French and what features you want for studying, you can choose from three different courses offered by Living Language. The first course from Living Language is called Essential and it is mostly aimed at learners who are total beginners at French and only need to learn some basic conversation phrases. Essential edition consists of one coursebook, 3 audio CD’s and you would also get access to some online features.

In case you need to achieve more advanced level in French you should consider choosing Complete edition of this course since it offers more material. This course provides learners with 3 coursebooks, 9 audio CD’s and an access to some online features.

The third offered course by Living Language is called Platinum and it is basically the same as the second edition; however it offers some additional features. These features include mobile and tablet apps, live sessions with a tutor and access to online community. It can be said that it is only worthwhile to consider Platinum course if you intend to use these extra features often since this course is almost three times more expensive when compared with Complete edition.

What Do Costumer Reviews Say?

If you will spend time reading consumer reviews of Living Language courses you will find mostly positive ones. Quite a lot of people compliment this course since it is cheap and it still includes a lot of material to study French, so it can be said that it offers great value for money. The other great benefit of these lessons is that it includes quite a lot of explanations in English so it is easy to follow everything and improve your French skills on a daily bases.

A few downsides that some users of Living Language mention are that this course doesn’t always tech the most essential vocabulary and it skips some important parts of French grammar. Read a few actual user reviews of Living Language French course bellow.


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What are the Main Pros and Cons?

The Main Pros:

  • Since Living Language offers coursebooks as a way to study it can be said that it is a great course for learners who want to learn French in a traditional way;
  • One of the biggest benefits of Living Language courses is that they provide in depth and clear explanations on grammar so there is no guessing involved like with Rosetta Stone software;
  • Since this program offers different material for studying (Audio CD’s, coursebooks, games, quizzes and etc.) you will be able to learn more efficiently and you will be less likely to get bored;
  • If you are interested in learning more about the culture of people who speaks this language there is some material included for that too;
  • For learners who want to improve all aspects of French (grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking), Living Language course can be a great choice for them;
  • It is worthwhile to mention that quite a lot people who tried Platinum version of this course, compliment e-tutoring lessons provided by Living Language. So if you are looking for a program that would offer this feature it is definitely worthwhile to consider Platinum edition of this course;
  • In case you will choose Complete edition of this course it can be said that it is one of the cheapest program to learn French language (price range $37-$50). While Platinum edition is more expensive it can be said that it is still very reasonably priced based on the features that it offers;
  • Platinum version of this program also includes a mobile app so it is a great additional feature to study while you are on the go;

The Main Cons:

  • Even though there are some online features included in the course like quizzes, puzzles, games and flashcards it can be said that they are quite basic and lacks engagement. Courses like Rocket and Rosetta Stone does a better job at providing users with interactive tools, workouts and games;
  • In case you prefer to learn a new language through immersion method you will find way too much English in this course. However learners who want clear explanations will find it more as an advantage rather than disadvantage;
  • There are no advanced features included in this course that would help you practice your pronunciation like with Rosetta Stone and Rocket courses. The only way to improve your pronunciation is to listen to audio CD’s and try to repeat what you hear;
  • While in general Living Language courses follow a normal pace and are very easy to follow, I found that with French there were cases when new concepts and vocabulary were introduced too quickly. However if you are already familiar with this language you will not find it as a huge issue.
  • It can be said that online course tracking features are bit lacking since you need to complete the whole lesson in order for it to count as completed. Even though it’s not a huge drawback and it doesn’t affect your studying much it would be great to see some improvement in this area;

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review it can be said that Living Language offers well-structured course for total beginners and learners who are already a bit familiar with French. Unlike Rosetta Stone software, there is no guessing involved in this course since there are clear explanations provided on grammar, vocabulary and etc. So it can be said that Living Language offers an affordable course for anyone who want to learn French in a traditional way.

When compared with other French courses it can be said that online features of Living Language (quizzes, workouts and etc.) are less engaging. Also it might be necessary to go through each Living Language lesson at least a couple of times, because this course includes limited workouts & features that would allow French learners to keep retention rate high.

If you want to know more about other online courses that are available for learning French, you should read this article. It provides a list of the best rated online programs for learning this foreign language and points out their main advantages and disadvantages.

Where to buy Living Language French Courses?

buy-Living-Language-French-coursesIn case you have already decided to try this course for learning French, you can buy it either on the official website online or on Amazon. Due to the fact that prices are usually a bit lower on Amazon we suggest buying this course from there.

At the moment the price for Platinum edition is ~$161; however you can greatly reduce the price by choosing Complete edition ($37-$50), which doesn’t include a few online features. So based on the prices of this course it can be said that it is affordable way to study French for people with all types of budgets.

Visit the official Living Language French website.