Instant Immersion French review.

About Instant Immersion French Software.

Instant Immersion program is available for studying more than one hundred different foreign languages and French is one of them. This software teaches new language by image-word association technique. What it basically means is that Instant Immersion introduce new French words in various activities by associating them with images.

Most of the lessons focus on single words, but there are a few teaching common French phrases too. To help learners practice their French speaking skills, Instant Immersion includes Voice Recording feature. This feature allows to record your pronunciation of particular French words and then compare it with a native speaker. So not only you will be encouraged to speak out load, but also you will be able to know if you are doing it right or not.

Since the main goal of Instant Immersion program is to teach learners French through immersion, you will not find no grammar instructions in this course. For some learners it can be seen as a very noticeable disadvantage and by others not so much. If you only need to learn some basic French for traveling purposes, learning grammar rules or complicated verb conjugations can take too much time. In this case learning vocabulary & phrases via software like Instant Immersion can be sufficient for holding a basic conversation in French & getting around in a foreign country.

Instant-Immersion-French-featuresInstant Immersion software for French learners includes a total of 3 different levels. It is possible to order 1 level separately or all 3 levels in the bundle. Of course it is more cost efficient to buy all levels together because you will get some bonus studying materialPocket Phrase Guide, Audios (~11 hours of recorded material), DVD for TV (interactive games & quizzes). In addition to that this program comes together with some free e-tutoring credits from italki. These credits only cover 30 minutes of e-tutoring; however you can always buy more if you find them useful.

It is important to mention that in the third part of this program you will also find a separate section, which is aimed at teaching French vocabulary related to business. This includes topics like advertising, banking, finance, marketing, e-mail and etc. Since there are not so many French courses including this type of vocabulary, you will find Instant Immersion software very useful in case you are studying this foreign language for business purposes. As with any level of this course you will be able to practice all new learned vocabulary through different games, quizzes and Voice Recording feature.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

Since Instant Immersion is quite frequently bought program for learning French, it is also possible to find quite a lot of feedback about this software from consumers online. Some users of this program suggest that Instant Immersion works well for learning basic French vocabulary and also for a significantly lower price when compared with competitor programs.

However some learners point out that this software is only useful for learning basic French vocabulary and that it also lacks explanations on language structure. You can find a couple consumer testimonials of Instant Immersion French software bellow.


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Review of The Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • Instant Immersion software can work well for different type of French learners (visual or audible) since it includes studying material in different forms – flashcards, audios, games and videos;
  • Different types of activities in this program are quite engaging, which ensures that learning is never monotonic;
  • Newest version of Instant Immersion comes together with free e-tutoring (from italki); although only 30 minutes are for free so you will need to buy extra credits if you want to use this feature further;
  • It is easy to track your progress with this program, because exercises are based on point system and also advanced tracking allows you to continue studying where you last left;
  • Instant Immersion software is very useful for expanding & repeating your French vocabulary since it includes essential words & phrases and also vocabulary is grouped by different topics so you can learn French words that are the most needed for you;
  • It is quite easy to immerse into French language when studying via this program, because there are not so many explanations in English;
  • Instant Immersion does quite a good job at keeping learners retention rate high since new material is repeated in different workouts, quizzes and flashcards;
  • Learners can improve their French speaking skills quite a lot when studying via this software. Voice Recognition feature in this program not only encourages users to speak outload, but also allows to compare their pronunciation. Also recordings in Instant Immersion are made by native French speakers so learners can always hear proper pronunciation;
  • To make learning more convenient while on the go, Instant Immersion offer audio lessons (can be transferred to any device) and a small pocket size Phrase Guide;
  • Unlike Rosetta Stone, Instant Immersion allows you to install it’s software on unlimited number of PC’s, which is very useful if other family members are also studying French;
  • The price for all 3 levels of Instant Immersion course is ~49.99 USD, which is quite low compared with similar French studying programs. Also this program is backed up by money back guarantee so there is no risk in trying it;

The Main Cons:

  • Instant Immersion doesn’t have any social features (ability to communicate with tutor or other learners, forum and etc.) that can be useful when you get stuck with more difficult material or simply want to share your experience & tips with other French learners;
  • Although some studying material from Instant Immersion can be used for studying French on the go (audios in MP3 format) it is not the most convenient course for learning on the go;
  • Voice Recognition feature is not as advanced as in Rosetta Stone, since it doesn’t give feedback on your French pronunciation (only allows you to compare it with a native speaker);
  • Instant Immersion doesn’t give explanations on French language structure or grammar. Due to this you either need to have previous French learning experience or you will need to use some supplementary studying material;

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review it can be said that Instant Immersion French has both advantages and disadvantages. The main benefits of this language learning program are engaging & image-word based workouts, a lot of studying material and low price.

Some of the most commonly mentioned downsides of Instant Immersion software are lack of explanations, no social features and little possibility to study on the move. For these reasons it might be worthwhile to consider this course only for learners who are familiar with French language or for those who only need to learn some basic vocabulary. And in case you want more in depth program for studying all aspects of French there are definitely better choices for that.

Where to buy Instant Immersion French Courses?

Instant-Immersion-French-softwareDue to popularity of Instant Immersion courses, it is not too difficult to find where to buy them online. It is available in official store of this software and a few vendors like Amazon and EBay.

At the moment the price for all 3 levels of Instant Immersion French program vary from 27.99 to 49.99 USD on Amazon. It is also possible to buy only 1 level of this software or older versions cheaper.

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