How to learn French on your own.

How to choose the best way to learn French language?

Choosing the best method for learning French might vary depending on what level you need to achieve with this language. In case you are learning this language for traveling purposes and only need to learn a couple of words and sentences to get around in a foreign country it might be enough to use free resources. While it takes some time and patience to find quality resources, it will definitely help you learn a few useful phrases. For people who want to achieve higher level at French it might be worthwhile to invest some money in quality online course, books or other material. When you will have more material that you can study from you will be able to progress faster.

keep-calm-learn-frenchThe other factor that you should consider before choosing a method for studying is your learning style. It is quite well-known fact that different people tend to learn in different ways. For instance if you are visual learner you should concentrate on studying from video material, games, flashcards and movies. In case you are audible learner a better option for you might audio lessons, podcasts and listening to foreign music. For people who consider themselves as kinesthetic learners the best methods for learning are language learning software, classes at university and language schools abroad. In case you are not sure what kind of learner you are, you can easily determine that by doing a few quizzes online. Also it is worthwhile to mention that you do not necessary need to choose learning method based on your learning style, since it is just a recommendation.

Ways to learn French on your own.

As it was mentioned previously there are many different ways how you can start learning a foreign language. Since French is one of the most popular secondary language to learn there are also plenty of quality material that you can choose from. In case you have a budget for studying you might consider looking for classes in your local university or collage. Some other not free options include buying an online course or textbooks, going to a language school abroad or hiring a private tutor.

Study via Online Courses.

When it comes to French almost all popular online courses offer to learn this language. Also usually these courses offer more levels for this language, so users can achieve much higher level with it. Some of the highest rated online courses for French include Fluenz, Rocket, Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur. All of these mentioned programs have their own pros and cons and you can find in depth reviews of them this site. While in general it can be said that online courses are enjoyable and effective way to study, you will need to have a budget in order to buy them. Depending on which course and how many levels you will choose to buy you might need to spend $100-450. While it might seem like a lot of money for some people it’s definitely a lot cheaper option than going to a language school abroad or hiring a private teacher.

Learn via Books.

The other effective option for learning French is to buy some course books for this language. A good place to buy them form is either Amazon or Kindle. There are so many of them that it is even hard to choose one. Some of these books cover vocabulary while others are more aimed at teaching you grammar. You can find a list of some of my favorite books that are also ranked highly by users bellow.

Ultimate-French1. Ultimate French Beginner-Intermediate Coursebook.

This book provides users with 40 lessons that include dialogues, grammar explanations, quizzes, vocabulary, pronunciation and some cultural notes. In addition to a texbook you will also receive audio recordings (10 hours) and flashcards. It can be said that this book is easy to follow and it’s quite enjoyable way to study. Since the whole book consists of 448 pages so it’s definitely worth its price.

Easy-French-Textbook2. Easy French Step-by-Step.

This book is more aimed at people who want to improve their French grammar. It provides users with easy to understand grammar concepts, which you will learn through readings and exercises. In addition to that you can expect to learn more than 300 verbs, which will greatly improve your vocabulary list. The whole book has 400 pages so there is definitely a lot of material to cover for this little price.

Learning via Free Resources.

In case you do not have a budget for learning it doesn’t actually mean that you can’t learn French. There are many different websites that offer free lesson, videos and other material that can help you study. One of my favorite places to look for free material is YouTube. You can find plenty of videos teaching you basic grammar rules and vocabulary for different languages. While most of these videos are aimed at beginners it is definitely a great way to start. Also it is worthwhile to visit your local library and look for books that would help you study. You can easily find dictionaries, textbooks and even audiobooks, which you can borrow for free. Some of my favorite free websites that offer free material are Duolingo and Memrise. Both of these websites offer short and fun courses on different topics.