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Rocket French review.

About Rocket French.

If you are looking for an online course that would help you to learn French, Rocket might be one of the best options for that. This course was developed by Rocket Languages and a native speaker from France Marie-Claire Rivière. The main studying content in this course are audio lessons that teach learners how to communicate in French. In addition to that Rocket also includes quite a lot of written studying content, different software’s and features that are aimed at teaching all areas of a new language. So with this learning program you can learn how to speak & understand French, understand the basics of language structure & grammar and also get more information on French people and their culture. The fact that Rocket includes different multimedia for studying makes it suitable for different type of French learners – audible and visual.

In order to make its courses more effective for learners, Rocket Languages created them based on several different teaching strategies. Users of this course have an access to a lot of different tools for practicing & increasing reinforcement, ability to study on the move (app and online based course) and tools & features that encourage speaking French out load. Furthermore Rocket Languages includes various activities & features that are aimed at maintaining motivation to study and also support via forum is available.

Furthermore Rocket courses use so called chunking process. This teaching method means that large and difficult content in the course is being divided into smaller & easier to understand parts. So in the beginning you will be introduced to full French dialogues & sentences and later they will be divided into smaller pieces and explained in more detail. This is a very useful feature of Rocket and it ensures that users can follow this learning program confidently and without too much difficulty.

Review of The Main Features.

There are currently three levels of this program available for French – Premium, Premium Plus and Platinum. By completing all of these parts learners can expect to go from beginner to advance level in French. So if you already know some French you can begin with the second or third part of Rocket and for complete beginners Premium edition can be a great way to start their learning. A total number of lessons in all Rocket courses for learning French is 211, which would be equal to 422 hours of studying time. These include interactive audios, lessons on French culture and language structure & grammar.

One of the things that makes Rocket French ahead of its competitors is the fact that it teaches all areas of a new language (speaking & understanding, writing, grammar, reading and also culture). In addition to 99 interactive audio lessons, Rocket also includes 112 lessons dedicated to French grammar & language structure and also culture.  Some competitor courses try to avoid grammar and only provide studying material & features for learning how to speak in French. So learners who need to learn more than just essential phrases for speaking can definitely benefit from a learning program like Rocket. Also with this French course you will not need to do any guessing. All provided studying material has transcripts and explanations & translations in English so you will be able to follow Rocket program without too much difficulty.

Rocket-French-FeaturesWhile Rocket provides studying content for different areas of a new language, teaching learners how to communicate in French is still the most important goal of this program. Due to this the main studying material in Rocket are audio lessons (99 lessons in all 3 levels). These lessons are interactive so listeners are constantly being asked to participate in them by saying different French phrases & sentences. This is a great benefit of Rocket program because it encourages learners to speak out load. It should be also mentioned that Rocket audios feature one native French speaker so you can be sure that you will hear correct pronunciation & good accent at all times. One more component in Rocket French that is very useful for improving speaking skills in a new language is Rocket Record. The main aim of this software is to help improve your pronunciation and make it as close to a native speaker as possible. It works by recording your pronunciation of different French words and phrases and then you can compare it to a native speaker. At the moment 3 levels of Rocket include at least 8000 different phrases so it is possible to make a lot of practice by using this tool.

Since one of the goals of Rocket is to ensure that learners are able to recall studying material, this program includes many different tools to practice French from different angles. One of the tools in the program is called Write it and it is aimed at improving French writing skills. While using this program you will hear a word or a phrase, and then you will need to write it. After that you will be able to test how well you did and also rate how difficult it was for you. The other practicing tool in this program is Hear it Say it. The main purpose of this program is that listeners would repeat random French phrases, which is useful for practicing speaking skills of this foreign language. After that learners can also compare if their pronunciation was close to a native speaker by using Rocket Record tool. Another tool in Rocket course is called Know it. This feature asks learners to translate from English to French, which can be very beneficial for practicing your vocabulary. Play it is one more practicing software that can be found in this course. The main purpose of this tool is to make French learners be more prepared for actual conversation. It works by selecting random conversations from previous lessons and listeners are expected to participate in them by coming with the right thing to say in French. In addition to these mentioned tools, Rocket provides its learners with quizzes & flashcards so there is a lot of opportunity to test knowledge in French and improve your retention rate even further.

For learners who have very limited time for studying French, Rocket can be one best course choices. The fact that Rocket is based completely online means that users of this program can study flexibly whenever they are. This is a great benefit over courses that come in a form of books or software. Furthermore part of material in Rocket can be downloaded (audio lessons) and there is an app available that allows French learners to study via different devices.

The other aspect of Rocket that makes it an effective program for studying French is the fact that it has advanced tracking and also it has features that can boost motivation to study further. When you will complete separate parts of Rocket course, all this will be fully tracked and you will be able to continue studying French where you last left. The difficulty of each lesson, module, phrase or word can be rated too, so you will be able to come back to more challenging parts later. Furthermore doing different activities in this program gives users points. These points are being counted and later learners get achievement badges and participate in leader-board as well. In case you need additional motivation to login to this program and study, you can opt in for weekly e-mails from Rocket Languages. These e-mails will provide you with information on your learning progress and recommend further parts of the course that you should do.

This course also has its own forum where you can find plenty of tips and resources that can help you with French studying. There you can ask questions so if you will have any difficulty while learning you can be sure that you will get support. Answers are usually given by either other French learners or tutor of this course.try-rocket-french-free

If you want to try this course prior to buying, you can do so by registering for 6 days trial lessons. They are totally free so you will be able to try this program before making any investments and make sure that it’s the right French course for you.

Visit the official Rocket French website to register for free lessons.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

If you would spend time reading user reviews of Rocket French course, you would soon notice that they are very positive. Actually it would be kind of difficult to find at least one negative testimonial. Most users compliment this course since there is quite a lot of studying material included and for a very reasonable price (online version). Also learners recommend this course because there are different tools included for practicing French from different angles, which also makes learning more dynamic and fun. Read a few consumer reviews of Rocket French course bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Rocket French course visit the official website here.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

Main Pros:

  • Rocket Languages allows new French learners to try this course for 6 days (completely free), which is enough time to test all features included and decide if it is the right studying program for them;
  • Rocket French has very positive feedback from its users, which is a good indication that it is an effective and fun language learning program to follow;
  • There are three levels of Rocket French available, so by completing all of them you can achieve more advance level with this foreign language. And more advanced learners can skip to Premium Plus or Platinum parts directly, which will allow to save them some time and money;
  • Rocket Record tool, which is included in this program is very useful for improving your French pronunciation. Also there is one native French speaker in audio lessons so you will be learning how to speak with a good accent;
  • Rocket is a very convenient course to study French while on the go since you can download all audio lessons and transfer them to your preferred device. Also you can access all material in the course and learn anywhere you have an internet connection or you can also download a free Rocket app and study via your preferred device;
  • Instructor of audio lessons is very enthusiastic so it is quite fun to listen to these audios. Also they are very easy to follow since all dialogues are divided into smaller parts and explanations are provided by an instructor. In addition to that these lessons have transcripts in both French and English so you will be able to understand everything that you are learning;
  • Rocket provides learners with all aspects of French language including speaking, listening, culture lessons, grammar explanations, writing and reading. Competitor courses like Pimsleur or Michel Thomas only teach you how to speak and understand French, although it is priced even higher;
  • Quizzes, badges and self-rating system, optional newsletters on your progress, leaderboard keeps you motivated to study further and improve your French skills. Also this program has advanced tracking features so you can follow your progress easily and pay more attention to areas that needs the most improvement from your part;
  • Rocket offers a couple of tools (Write it, Play it, Hear it, Say it and etc.) that can help to improve your retention on vocabulary and make studying less monotonic. In addition to that there are two games included (Word Master and Phrase Master), which are also useful for practicing French from different angles;
  • In case you are learning French for traveling purposes, Rocket is an ideal course for you. This is because it includes extensive culture lessons and teaches essential words & phrases that are needed to get around in French speaking country;
  • It can be said that prices of Rocket French courses are very reasonable since you can buy Premium course for as little as $99.95 (lifetime-access) and there are also huge discounts available when buying two or three levels at once.
  • Each level of Rocket French comes together with Survival Kit, which is completely free and will provide with additional studying material;
  • All courses by Rocket Languages are backed up by money back guarantee (60 days), so you can ask for refund in case you change your mind about this program.

Main Cons:

  • It can be said that Rocket course is more focused on speaking and listening parts of French language. Although there is quite a lot of material on grammar included too, you might need additional books if you are planning to prepare for a written exam or something similar;
  • Rocket is mostly an online based course, so you will need to have an internet connection while studying. However audio lessons can be downloaded so you will be able to learn part of the material on your mp3 player or other devices. It is also worthwhile to mention that there is also an option to buy physical copy of the course, although it’s quite expensive;
  • If you prefer to immerse into French fully when learning, it might be difficult to do so while following Rocket course. While provided explanations & translations in the program are helpful, it also means that you will hear & see less of French language;

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review it can be said that Rocket offers one of the most dynamic and fun courses for learning French. It is a suitable language learning program for both visual and audible learners since it includes different multimedia (audio lessons, games, different tools and etc.) to study French from. The fact that studying material can be accessed online and by using different devices also makes Rocket suitable for busy French learners. Also it is worthwhile to mention that there are three levels available for French learners, so beginners can achieve more advanced level with this foreign language and more advanced learners can choose Premium Plus or Platinum levels from the start.

When it comes to downsides, there are only a few of them to consider. As it was mentioned earlier, Rocket provides explanations on grammar and other areas of French language. However these are mostly basics, so if you need in depth knowledge in these areas, you will probably need supplementary learning material. In case you still have doubts about Rocket French, you should definitely register for trial lessons (6 days) and test all the features that are included in this online course.rocket-french-premium

When it comes to price you should know that each part of this course is priced at $149.95 (online version); however there is usually a discount available on Premium course or when buying multiple levels at once. At the moment you can get $50 discount on Rocket Premium and you can save up to 42% by ordering all three levels of Rocket French at once.

Visit the official page of Rocket French here.

Fluenz French Software review.

About Fluenz French Software.

Fluenz is one of the newest language learning software’s available and it is becoming quite popular program for studying languages like Spanish, German, Chinese as well as French. According to Fluenz teaching approach, adult learners need explanations and understanding of how the whole language is structured. Therefore all the lessons in Fluenz come with translation to English and detailed explanations on all parts of French language.

This French learning program uses a video based language tutor that will guide you through the whole course. A typical lesson in Fluenz begins with an introduction to the topic of the lesson. At times these introductions are quite long and they might even take up to 7 minutes. After that you will listen to a dialogue between native French speakers and later get explanations from Sonia Gill. The explanations include word constructions, vocabulary, grammar and etc., so that you would understand everything in the conversation. Later on, you can choose to do different exercises that will test your knowledge on the material you have learned in the lessons.  In the end of each session  you will hear a final comment from Sonia and sometimes even get some cultural information.

Review of The Main Features.

At the moment Fluenz offers a total of 5 levels for studying French, so learners can achieve more advanced level in this foreign language. If you already have some French learning experience, you can skip to 3-5 parts directly, which will save you both time and money. Each level of Fluenz includes 30 sessions, so you will get a total of 150 lessons in all parts of this program. In order to complete one lesson of Fluenz and practice new studying material properly, you might need to dedicate at least 1-2 hours of your time. In each session of Fluenz, learners are being introduced to about 3-5 new French phrases. Other time is being dedicated to explanations and repetition of previous studying content. So even though learners might learn fewer vocabulary with Fluenz, at least they are able to recall studying content and understand how French language is structured.

fluenz-french-lessonWhile it doesn’t take much time to go through the main studying content in each lesson (dialogue & explanation video), Fluenz provides learners with different workouts & flashcards. These activities are very beneficial for practicing French language from different angles and making sure that you are able to recall studying content. Some of my favorite activities in Fluenz are Role play and Matching a word with a picture workouts. Of course, there are many others that try test learners knowledge on previously introduced studying content. It is worthwhile to mention that many exercises in Fluenz ask learners to write words they hear or see, so be prepared to do some typing.

One quite useful feature of Fluenz is ability to turn on and off subtitles in the dialogues. Once you hear the dialogues for the first time, it might be a good idea to keep subtitles on in both English and French. This will allow you to understand each part of conversation and learn spelling of different French words. Later it might be worthwhile to turn them off so that you would be able to test and improve your French comprehension skills.


Fluenz software comes together with additional audios that can be useful for practicing French comprehension and speaking skills. These audios can be also very beneficial for learners who want to study French on the move. If you can’t spend time near you computer, you can simply transfer them to your preferred device and learn on the go. The other great feature of Fluenz is that studying content in this course can be accessed by using different devices. You can download Fluenz app and study conveniently on the go while using your phone (or other supporting device). It is also possible to access studying content in Fluenz online (whenever you have an WiFi). Alternatively learners can download Fluenz sessions and use them later to study French without internet connection. Also with Fluenz you will not lose track of your learning progress, because the program knows where you last left off.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

Most of online reviews that you will find about Fluenz French software are positive. Most users of of this software recommend it because Fluenz provides explanations on all aspects of French so it is not too difficult to progress in a new language. Also most users confirm that different activities in Fluenz helped them to practice & recall studying material from this course.

Some of the most common complains that you will hear about Fluenz French is that it’s too expensive or that it’s oriented mostly for travelers. Also some learners who are not complete beginners at French, find the pace of learning  in Fluenz too slow. Read a few reviews of actual users of Fluenz French software bellow.


Want to read more reviews of Fluenz French software? Then visit Amazon website here.

Review of the Main Strong and Weak Sides.

Strong Sides:

  • There are a total of 5 levels of this program available so more advanced French learners can go directly to 3-5 parts and beginners can learn way more;
  • Audio CD’s in Fluenz allow learners to study French on the go, which makes this program suitable for busy people. Also there is Fluenz app available that allows to study and access all material in the course via iPhone, iPad or Android devices;
  • Fluenz provides studying material and features to practice all elements of French – grammar, speaking, listening, writing and reading;
  • Explanations provided after each dialogue are very useful for understanding French grammar and language structure, so learners don’t need to do any guessing when following Fluenz program;
  • Some culture information is provided during the lessons, so learners can learn more about native French people and how to communicate with them better;
  • Different exercises and studying features make Fluenz an interactive and fun program for studying, so learners are much less likely to get bored. Also completing workouts, using flashcards and doing other different activities in this software can help to learn French from different angles and improve overall learning efficiency;
  • The design of Fluenz is very engaging and photos in the program are selected specifically for each language. The software is also very intuitive and easy to navigate so most users will not need any guidelines or tutorials to understand how to use it;
  • Most of French vocabulary that Fluenz teaches can be called essential. So if you are planning a trip to France (or other French speaking country), you will find this program useful for learning survival phrases & vocabulary;
  • This software has advanced tracking, which means that all your learning activity in Fluenz is fully recorded;
  • Fluenz provides different features for practicing French from different angles (workouts, flashcards, audios and etc.) and it does sufficient repetition of new studying content. Due to this it is not too difficult to keep retention rate high when studying French via this program;

Weak Sides:

  • Since Fluenz provides quite a lot of English explanations, it might be difficult to immerse into French language fully when studying via this program;
  • The instructor of video based lessons is not a native French speaker, so you will not hear native accent at all times;
  • Quite a lot of exercises in this program require you to type (words and phrases that you either hear or see written). Although it helps to increase retention greatly, but it’s also time-consuming way to practice French;
  • Fluenz workouts are not based on points system (like in Rosetta Stone), so it might be difficult to follow your progress with them and come back to more difficult exercises later;
  • This software lacks social features for studying that would allow interaction with either a tutor or other French learners;
  • Fluenz is one of the most expensive courses for learning French. Depending on the number of levels you will choose to buy, the price can vary between $177-$368;
  • Since there is quite a lot of repetition and explanations in Fluenz, each new lesson introduces very limited new studying content (vocabulary and grammar concepts). So even after finishing all 5 levels of Fluenz French, don’t expect to become fluent at this foreign language;
  • Since Fluenz vocabulary is mostly oriented for travelers, you might be a bit disappointed with this software if you learning French for other purposes;

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review it could be said that Fluenz can be a great learning program for any learner who is just beginning to study French. In depth explanations in this course will help you progress in French confidently and improve all parts of this foreign language. Different studying features in this software increase overall learning efficiency and help to ensure that learners have sufficient tools for practicing their language skills from different angles. The fact that users can access studying content in Fluenz via different devices, makes this program suitable for busy French learners too. So if you are looking for these features in French learning program, it is definitely worthwhile to consider Fluenz software.

Some downsides of Fluenz are that this software lacks social studying features. Some competitor French programs offer either e-tutoring or ability to communicate with other learners. Also since Fluenz provides explanations on all parts of French, it can be difficult for learners to immerse into target language completely. In depth explanations and repetition in this program also leave less time for introducing new studying content. So in each session of Fluenz you will be able to learn only little new studying content (vocabulary, grammar and etc.).

In case you are interested in finding out more about available online courses for studying French, you should also read this article. It provides a list of top 6 online programs for learning this foreign language and points out their main advantages and disadvantages.

Where to buy Fluenz French Courses?

buy-Fluenz-FrenchIf you will decide that Fluenz is the right program for you, you can buy it on Amazon or official website online. Both of these mentioned sites usually offer it at the same price, so there is no large difference from where to purchase this French course.

Currently Fluenz French program is priced at $348 for 5 parts on Amazon. There is also an option to purchase 3 parts of this course that are priced at $310. So the best offer for Fluenz is to buy all 5 parts in the bundle and save some money in the long run. Of course, if you are already familiar with French language, it might be worthwhile to consider purchasing only 3-5 levels of Fluentz.

Find Fluenz French software on Amazon.

Pimsleur French review.

About Pimsleur French Method.

Pimsleur is a well-known course that is teaching people how to speak in foreign languages for more than fifty years. You have probably seen an ad from Pimsleur that says you can learn a new language in 10 days. While it might seem like unrealistic claim, you can definitely start speaking some basic French within this time if you will follow Pimsleur lessons.

Since this  course offers question and answer format audios you will be encouraged to speak French from the day one. Instructor of these lesson will ask to say different French sentences from the studying material that you have already completed and then you will be given some time to come up with an answer.

In the beginning of each lesson you will also hear a dialogue that will cover some daily situation. After hearing the full conversation, it will be divided into smaller parts and each part repeated a couple of times. This ensures that French learners are able to follow each lesson easier and recall studying material.

While Pimsleur teaching approach might seem like monotonic for some French learners, it is well tested and proven to work for many people especially if you are an audible learner. Although if you are a visual learner Pimsleur is not the best option for you and you should rather consider alternative French courses.

What is Included in the Course?

pimsleur-french-unlimitedThere are a total of 5 phases of Pimsleur available for French studying. Most languages usually have 1-3 levels, but since French is one of the most popular second languages to learn there are more lessons available. This is a great advantage because by completing only one or two levels of Pimsleur it would be still quite difficult to communicate with a native speaker. Each of the levels contains 30 lessons that are half an hour long. Therefore there are a total of 75 hours of recorded material in all 5 parts.

The vocabulary and phrases in this course include topics like how to order food, hotel, how to deal with money, ask for directions and etc. Therefore it can be said that Pimsleur audios can be very useful if you are planning a trip to France or any other French speaking country.

The fact that Pimsleur is an audio based course also means that all learning material in this French course can be transferred to your MP3 player. So you will be able to learn while driving your car, in the gym and etc. and will not need to spend additional time near your computer. App is also available for free so you will be access studying content in Pimsleur while on the go and learn conveniently via any iOS or Android device.

For French language in particular Pimsleur also offers Unlimited version. The main difference between standard Pimsleur course and this version is that it includes additional multimedia for studying French – flashcards and games. It is definitely worthwhile to consider this version of Pimsleur for visual French learners; however Unlimited version is more expensive.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

It can be said that user reviews of Pimsleur French course that can be found online are mostly positive. Some of the most commonly mentioned benefits of this course are that Pimsleur is very convenient French course to study on the go,  it teaches correct pronunciation, the phase of this course is not too fast and each each lesson builds on what was learned previously.

Some quite frequently mentioned downsides of these French lessons are that reading part is not that much useful and the price of each level is quite high. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Pimsleur French lessons from Amazon site below.


If you want to read more reviews of Pimsleur French, visit Amazon page here.

The Main Advantages and Disadvantages.


  • Pimsleur offers free trial French lesson so you can try this course and its method simply by registering at official Pimsleur website;
  • There are 5 levels of Pimsleur available for French, which is the most that this course offers for any foreign language. Also learners who need more visual features and studying material can choose Unlimited version of Pimsleur;
  • With Pimsleur lessons you can learn French while on the move, since all the material can be transferred to your MP3 player or mobile device;
  • It can be said that Pimsleur doesn’t require too much time from learners. The lessons are divided into small parts so that only 30 minutes per day of French learning would be enough to progress with this course;
  • Studying material in Pimsleur audio lessons is easy to follow. Every introduced French sentence is divided into words and words into sounds and then repeated a couple of times so it is possible to keep retention rate high;
  • Since Pimsleur teaches essential French vocabulary it can be a useful course while traveling or on a business trip;
  • Pimsleur audios are interactive so they will constantly prompt you to say different phrases in French. This is very useful because you will need to speak French out load from the first lesson. Also recordings in this course feature native French speakers so you can learn correct pronunciation and accent;


  • Pimsleur lessons are good only for learning how to speak and understand French. If you want to master grammar and other aspects of this language these lessons will not be enough. Even though there is some material included for reading, it doesn’t relate much to audio lessons;
  • Sometimes learning via Pimsleur audios becomes monotonous and also there is not much material included for visual learners (only one game and flashcards in Unlimited version);
  • One quite common complaint about Pimsleur lessons is that they don’t include transcripts of dialogues neither in French nor English. So if you will miss something in the recordings you will have to need to relisten a lesson a couple of times;
  • In each lesson of Pimsleur you will be introduced to only a couple of new French phrases. This means that even after completing the whole level of this course your French vocabulary list will be still quite limited;
  • Pimsleur is quite expensive course for studying French if you would consider studying material and features included ($550 for all 5 levels in MP3 format). Programs like Rocket offers audio lessons in addition to various other tools that are aimed for learning French and it is priced even lower.

Summary of a Review and Special Offers.

To summarize this review it can be said that Pimsleur French lessons deliver what they promise. It is a great course that can help you learn how to speak French with good accent and by only dedicating half an hour of your time per day. Since there are even 5 levels of this course available for French, it possible to advance quite a lot with this foreign language when studying via Pimsleur. Since this course teaches essential French phrases and words from the beginning, Pimsleur can be a great way to learn survival vocabulary for traveling purposes. Also audio based format of this course enables learners to study French on the move, which is a great benefit for busy people.

However Pimsleur has a lot of limitations too and learners should consider them before deciding whether to buy this course or not. Some of the most commonly mentioned downsides of these audios are that they are quite monotonic to listen to, they don’t cover all areas of French language (grammar and writing) and they are quite expensive.

If you are still not sure if this course is the right choice for you, you can register at official website and try a free lesson. This registration is totally free and you will only need to fill a short form with your name and e-mail address at the official website.

Register for a free Pimsleur French lesson.

Where to buy Pimsleur French Lessons?

All of Pimsleur courses (for French language included) can be purchased directly from official page of this course. It is available on a few retail sites as well (Amazon, eBay and etc.); however there are fewer pricing options available there and you might end up buying not the latest version.

When you will visit official Pimsleur site you will soon notice that this course has a lot of different pricing offers. You can buy each level separately or in a bundle. Each level costs $119.95 in MP3 format or $550 for all five parts in MP3, which is a bit cheaper. There is also an option to buy it in units of 5 lessons, which costs $21.95 each.

As it was mentioned earlier, Pimsleur lessons are available in Unlimited version as well. The price of this software is 150 USD per level or you can get a discount when buying all levels in a bundle (575 USD for 5 levels). So with these different offers you can choose a pricing plan that is the most suitable for your budget.

Pimsleur French Coupon Code.

In case you have already decided to buy Pimsleur French audio lessons you can use a coupon code, which will help you to lower the price of this course. By using a coupon code SAVENOW at checkout you will get free shipping and also you will be able to save up to 25% on your purchase.

Visit the official page of Pimsleur French.

Michel Thomas French review.

About Michel Thomas French Method.

In case you are looking for well-rated audio lessons that would help you learn French, Michel Thomas course might be a good choice for you. These audio lessons follow quite unique language teaching approach. This approach is based on belief that learners do not necessary need to learn grammar rules or huge lists of vocabulary in order to learn a new language. Based on this method it is very important that learners would be introduced to a new language in very small steps since what you can understand you can also remember.

When compared with Pimsleur audio lessons it can be said that this course is not that monotonic. This is because there are two students who are participating in these recordings. Both of them are complete beginners at French so they are learning this language together with you. It is kind of useful to have these students present because they commonly ask the same questions you might have or you can learn from some of their mistakes.

What Courses Are Available?


Learners who are learning French can choose from a total of 4 different courses offered by Michel Thomas. In case you are still not sure whether these audio lessons are the right studying tool for you, you should consider the first part of this course Start. It includes 2 hours of recorded material so it is enough to test this method and you can get it for as little as $15.

The second part of these audio lessons is called Total and it includes 12 hours of recorded material, visual learning review as well as 2 hours of vocabulary help. You should know that it is not necessary to buy Start version of Michel Thomas since the same material is also included in Total course.

The third part of this course is called Perfect and it should be taken by learners who already completed Total part. You will find 9 hours of recorded material, visual review of the course as well as 3 hours of vocabulary help in this course.

In case you will purchase either Total or Perfect courses of Michel Thomas you should know that there is also a computer program included. This is still quite a new feature of this course and it is definitely useful for learners who want to learn French visually.

What Do Costumer Reviews Say?

If you will spend time searching for consumer reviews of Michel Thomas French audio lessons you will find mostly positive ones. Most users compliments this course since it stresses how to pronounce words correctly, explains key points of a new language in a very logical way and it is quite fun to follow in general.

Despite that there are also a few users of this course that points out that Michel Thomas isn’t a native French speaker so you wouldn’t be learning how to speak with a proper accent. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Michel Thomas French course bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Michel Thomas French course visit Amazon page here.

Review of The Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • These audio lessons sound very realistic and make you feel as if you are participating in an actual French class. This is mainly because there are two students in these audios who are learning this language just like you;
  • New concepts are being introduced in small steps so it is not difficult to follow the course and you will not need to go through the audios many times. Also it is worthwhile to mention that material you learn in one lesson is also repeated in further lessons so that you wouldn’t forget what you have learned;
  • Since Michel Thomas offers to learn a new language mostly via audio lessons you can learn most of the material while on the go. This is very useful for busy people who can’t dedicate much additional time for studying new languages;
  • Instructor of this course quite commonly stresses how to pronounce words and separate sounds in them. This is quite useful if you want to learn how to pronounce in French correctly;
  • In case you are a visual learner you should know that newer version of Michel Thomas French now also includes a computer program. This program includes some exercises that will allow you to practice what you have learned in audio lessons visually;
  • Michel Thomas does a great job at highlighting key points of French language in a very logical way. Due to this it is easy to remember everything that you are learning;

The Main Cons:

  • One of the biggest drawbacks of this course is that there are no native French speakers in these recordings. Due to this you will not learn how to speak French with a good accent;
  • Since this course is mostly audio based you will be able to learn how speak and understand in French. However in case you want to learn proper grammar or how to read and write in French you will need additional material;
  • It is kind of difficult to immerse yourself into target language or improve your listening skills since there is quite a lot of English in these recordings and not so much French. However since explanations provided in Michel Thomas audios are very useful it can be seen as a benefit rather than a drawback;
  • For fast learners these audio lessons might seem a bit too slow. Also you might get annoyed when students in the recordings make mistakes or on the other hand it might be a good motivation booster when you know more then they;
  • As it was mentioned previously this course comes with a computer program, which includes different exercises to practice French language. However it can be said that exercises in this program are quite basic and not very engaging;
  • It can be said that this course is quite expensive since Michel Thomas basically offers audio course and there are not much additional resources included. However it is worthwhile to mention that compared to Pimsleur, which also offers audio lessons, this course is a bit less expensive;

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review it can be said that Michel Thomas audio lessons for learning French can be a great learning tool for audible learners. It is a great course for beginners who want to build French language from scratch. Some benefits of this course are that it is good at stressing proper pronunciation, providing logical explanations that are easy to remember and it is also quite fun course to follow in general so you will not get bored. The other thing to know about these lessons is that they include essential vocabulary for travelers so it is a suitable course for anyone who plans to travel to France.

Despite many benefits of these lessons it is very important to understand limitations of this course too, which can help you determine whether it is the right course for you or not. Some drawbacks of this course are that there are no native speakers in the recordings and it also lacks material in case you want to learn how to read and write in French and also grammar rules.

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Where to buy Michel Thomas French Courses?

buy-Michel-Thomas-Total-lessonsIn case you want to buy Michel Thomas lessons, you can find all parts of this course on websites like Amazon. If you are still not sure about this course it might be a good idea to purchase Start course of Michel Thomas. This is because it is priced at only ~$15 and it includes one lesson (~2 hours) so it is definitely enough to test this course and make sure it is the right studying tool for you. Other parts of this course are a bit more expensive and you can buy them for $90-130 each.

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